Program Development
Site Analysis and Feasibility
Preliminary Master Plan
Photo simulation before and after images
Cost Estimate
Final Master Plan


PHASE 1 – Program Development

Programming to Identify Goals, Vision, Program Elements, and Desired Amenities
Identification of Constraints

PHASE 2 -Land Use Master Plan

Produce a conceptual plan that identifies all project components for the entire property.
Review and modifications are continuous until a satisfactory plan is developed by all team members.
Illustrate proposed course style through conceptual sketches and computer images.

PHASE 3 – Golf Course Design Development

Strategy Plan
Produce course design character and style through images and sketches
Introduce landscape character and style
Produce preliminary cost estimate

PHASE 4 – Golf Course Construction Documents

Construction documents are the legal plans and specifications by which the golf course is built. Typical Plan set might include:

Centerline Staking Plan
Clearing and Disturbance Plan
Grading and Drainage Plan
Detailed Tee Complex Plan
Detailed Green Complex Plan
Irrigation Wiring and Piping Plan (Consultant)
Landscaping Plan
Turf Planting Plan
Technical Specifications
Construction Details for golf course features, drainage and landscape work
Estimated Bid Quantities

PHASE 5 – Contractor Procurement

Selection of qualified contractor either through bidding or negotiation

PHASE 6 – Construction Observation

Review of project construction using clear communications and timely site visits
Post opening review