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Minimal Golf Course is What?

  There seems to be some confusion in the golf architecture world with the term minimalism.  Confusion that is casting a possible shadow on the profession.  Since I float back and forth between landscape architecture and the younger sibling/cousin/step sisteraaa

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Architect or Designer???

Am I an Architect or Designer? There seems to be a lot of ambiguity between the terms architect and designer as golf writer Antony Pioppi recently pointed out in the article 4 Reasons To Hire Architects for In-House Projects “Theaaa

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Maybe it is because I’m sitting at our Park(ing) Day parklet here in Providence, RI that I’m pondering play and play design.  Maybe it is partially that I’m reading, ‘Play’ by Dr. Stuart Brown and delving deep into the intellectualaaa

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Over the past few years short-game practice areas are all the rave. And wow they are a lot of fun to design!  We can throw all the standards and a majority of rules out the window when putting pencil toaaa

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